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RHODES Doreta Beach Resort & Spa REVIEWS

  • miss l whybrow
  • bedford
  • This was my family & I's first holiday abroard.
    Date : 2009-12-30 11:43:27  
    Rating : Excellent

    This was my first holiday abroard with my family & I am glad it was at this hotel. It was a very nice, friendly place & apart from not having much info on the first day about where things where it was very easy to find the things we wanted. The facilities where nice & clean, all the staff where friendly & all my family want to go back next year. There isn't anything to do nearby just a few shops on the road but we didn't pay for all inclusive to go out. The entertainment staff where nice & we could pay for day trips if wanted. We will be going back!

  • Jayne
  • London
  • Great hotel
    Date : 2009-12-30 11:42:09  
    Rating : Excellent

    I travelled tp Rhodes for the first time l;ast October and stayed at this great hotel. I was a single traveller, 45yrs old and loved the place. Everything was great all except hotel entertainment, this did not matter to me though as being single i often went up to my room early. Food was great and varied, something for everyone. Had a pedicure while there and lady was lovely, she is well worth a visit, she does other treatments and is a hairdresser too. I loved this place so much that I am going back there with a freind in June. If you are looking for an exceptional AI holiday this is the place for you, go one go all!!!!

  • Mr Myers
  • Leeds, UK
  • I'll be going again!
    Date : 2009-12-30 11:40:30  
    Rating : Excellent

    This site shows that it is a 3 Star, it is in fact a Greek 4 Star and more to the point, from next year it will be a Greek 5 Star as they are refurbishing the whole Hotel and from the work already undertaken, it'll be worth another visit! It's looking really good already and they say all the major work will be complete before next season and I believe them, so much so that I'm thinking of booking again I'm that confident. Anyway, the review...

    The Hotel is really nice and the front of the building as you enter does it no justice as when you walk into the reception area you know you are not going to be disappointed.

    The Reception Staff were very helpful and there were always more than 3 available so queues were never seen, even when new arrivals came in, the queue was very quick to shrink.

    The room we were in was a Family Room which slept 5, 3 single beds and a King Size Double which was nice to see. Plenty of wardrobe space to get your things away and a fantastic Sea View which was great to wake up to in the morning. The room we were in had not yet had the refurb and I was still very happy with it. I've been to other Greek Islands and been knocked back by how basic they can be, it was not the case here, the white wash concreate walls were clean, the bathroom was very clean and as far as we gathered from other guests, all rooms have a full size bath with Shower over the top.

    The beds were made everyday and the bedding replaced every couple of days, only the top sheet stayed with you the duration of the stay. Towels are changed EVERY DAY! and all very clean well presented. The only thing the room we had lacked was a shaver point in the bathroom which found a little odd but I imagine this will be addressed with makeover.

    The thing that took some getting used to was the Air Conditioning. They are more like a little storage heater which blows cold but after the first 3 days of being there and getting used to the 38 degree heat it cools the room very well on an evening when you need it the most. (There is always a welcome breeze on the west coast and believe me, you need it but it's not too intense once you get over the shock steping off the Plane)

    A Point to note is that as part of the refurb all this is being replaced/upgraded so I think it will be far better next season. The room key had a large brass keyring attached which you inserted into a slot as you entered the room to give the room electricity but any old card did the job and the staff didnt mind you leaving them in all day long as long as the lights were turned off, this allowed the Air Con to be on all the time and kept the room nice and cool when you returned.

    There were 3 Lifts for all 5 floors and they were never not available, again, very clean and well maintained. Stairs were also available and as we were on the first floor, you could climb those quick than the lift. I imagine any other floors will use the lifts more so.

    The Food Hall was really nice but as always with the All Inclusive arrangment, busy and a little cluttered but you always found a way though and you didnt feel you were walking to another part of the Hotel just to get a drink. It was a Buffet Style arrangment and there were two places with the same food to avoid huge queues. This again may change with the refurb as it was mentioned by the staff that it MAY change to a waiter service from next year but still all inclusive. (Dont take my word on this, only what was mentioned in conversation)

    Breakfast times catered for all, with local versions of Cereals, Alpen and dried fruits, you had the choice of a Continental Breakfast and the Full English was always available though Fried Eggs were only on certain days, other days were Omlets and Scrambled but all really nice. Real Toast was also available with "Real" sliced bread as well as local breads and rolls etc.. the Breakfast is served from 7:00am which is great if you planned a day trip away and wanted your fill before leaving.

    The food was excelent and I cannot believe that anyone would struggle to find anything to eat. You'd have to be VERY picky about what you ate to starve here! The Lamb and Veil were to die for as were the Turkey and Chicken. Veggie options were always available also, you didnt have to ask as I have known in other All Inclusives. There were Themed nights for food like a Greek Night, Fish Night and a typical Sunday Roast Night including really nice Yorkshire Puds, though not on Sunday :-)

    The Kids were well catered for also if you have picky eaters there was a section "Just for Kids" which had the usual Fish Fingers, Chicken Nuggets, Chips, Burgers etc.. but we didnt tell ours and they just went off and picked what they wanted from the normal section. Suprising what they will eat when they can see it and pick it themselves :-)

    The Staff were very friendly, spoke a little english and always had a real smile on their faces which helped to feel relaxed. They were always clearing your table as you finished a course and keeping your tables clutter free but not hovering over you waiting until you finished, only in passing.

    High Chairs were always available for little ones and were very clean and in good condition. All UK spec too, no tall wobbly wood things here! all good stable chairs.

    The Pools (Main pool and toddlers paddling pool) were very well kept and although the details state it is Salt Water it is not infact regular chlorinated water. It was all very clean and nothing we was was not working. The Pool is slightly heated but by 13:00 it's warm anyway. The Pool opens at 9:00 and closes at 18:00 which fit well with food times. A Life Guard was on watch during these times all the time also. A flag indicated if there was or not. There were plenty of Sun Beds and the Staff insist that they are not reserved to the point that if you come down too early and drop your towels on them, they were removed and placed on a table to collect later but I have to say in you wanted to be sure to get around the Pool Area, you had to be down for about 7:45am and stay with them until Breakfast was over. There is also a snack bar which opened from 10:00 serving "Late Breakfast" if you fancied a sleep in. Food is available all day here and closes at 11:00pm

    All nice foods, build your own Greek Salad or fill on Souvlaki (Local Pork Kebab, not spicy) chips, curries etc.. and Toasties were availble from 12:30pm. Drinks were always available and Icecream was available from 11:30am

    The Bar was always well stocked and the local versions of spirits were just as good as the brands we know. The Lager was good too, not the cheap gassy rubbish I've had to endure before. Branded bottles were available if you just had to have them but you paid for these. They were still cheap though if you just had to have them.

    The Beach is literally a 5 second walk from the main Pools and sunbeds are available here too though you get your own as they are stacked on an evening. This was better than the pre-set out arrangements you see elsewhere because you could pick the right spot for you. The Beach is nice and sandy but as you get to the water it becomes very pebbly and quite soft so I'd recommend getting some beach/swim shoes if you plan venturing into the Sea. The Sea was very warm, warmer than the main pool actually and very salty so ideal for snorkling etc.. as you just float. it did tend to get a little windy on the beach but again, very welcome and never too much to annoy.

    There was a kids club if they fancied a break from us parents and they were all well looked after. There was even a really good park with hugh climbing frames and swings etc.. all very new and well looked after. No concreate to land on either.

    All in all I have to say its been one of the best All Inclusive Hotels I've been to and as mentioned early in the review, I'm seriously thinking of going again next year I enjoyed it that much. The Staff were so helpful and if you had any questions, they were always able to help. The only 1 thing I would like to make you aware of is you are quite close to the Airport, literally 15 minutes drive so if you are a very light sleeper you may not get much sleep and this Airport does not sleep at all though as we all said, after the first couple of nights, you forgot they were there and they actually gave you something else to look at other than Sun, Sea, Swimming Pools and Food :-)

    For a day or 2 out I'd recommend taking the local bus to Rhodos Town. The Bus Stop is directly over the road from the Hotel and runs every 20 - 30 minutes. It only cost ??2.50 each and takes about 40 minutes but even the local Bus's are Air Conditioned so this is nothing to worry about. the Old Town is worth a look but is quite expensive compaired to the New Town. (Both towns are the same place but whrn you get off the bus at the terminus, you go left across the road for the Old Town or stick around whre you are for the New Town)

    So to finish off off I would say that I'd highly recommend anyone to try Doreta Beach Hotel and more so if you have kids, Kids are so well catered for but still ideal for young couples or people who just want to get a tan and enjoy the weather.

  • sue stevens
  • sussex
  • doreta beach hotel
    Date : 2009-12-30 11:37:49  
    Rating : Excellent

    we have just arrived back from our 2 week holiday at the doreta beach we went with our two sons and thier families we were very pleased with everything my daughter in law had read a lot of bad reviews but i could only find 2 faults one being only 2 steps into the pool and no disabled steps and problems with stones coming out of the sea on a windy day when the sea is a bit rough otherwise i can't fault it at all my all want to go back.

  • Thomas
  • Manchester, UK
  • Best Holiday I Have Ever Had!!!!
    Date : 2009-12-30 11:33:51  
    Rating : Excellent

    Iam 16,i went to Doreta Beach Hotel last year (2007.) It was the best holiday i have ever had. The staff were brilliant and were exeptionaly kind, even at 3:30am when we arrived. The saff tryed to make everything fun, from swimming in the pool to drink pouring with there bottle and glass jugguling. The evening shows where brilliant for the kids and the adults. The food was exelent and the waiters and waitresses where give great service. We are going again this year in septenber and i would like to encorrage you to go on year aswell.

  • kimberley
  • essex,uk
  • hotel staff
    Date : 2009-12-30 11:24:44  
    Rating : Excellent

    oh my god!!!i've never been to a hotel that has been so family orientated before!!my son was bearly 4 years old and enjoyed every second especially the discos with all the set dance routines!!!the man who was the head entatainer (sorry i forget your name!he had long dark wavy hair?) was absolutely fantastic and made our wedding day that little bit more special so we left the rest of our cake with him and his friends to eat. the resturant staff catered to mine and my mums every whim on the wedding day and designated us a very beautifly decorated area to the resturant. the matre dee joined us for a drink during the meal and was so shocked we'd asked he wasnt sure weather to or not!!he couldnt believe we where as satisfied as we said!!!service and entertainment most excellent!!!

  • mohsen damadi
  • U.K
  • Big Thank You Doreta Beach
    Date : 2006-12-21 10:49:28  
    Rating : Excellent

    Hello lovely Doreta Beach, i came and stayed in the Hotel and I loved it somuch I wanted to say a big thank you to all your kind staff and the management.

    mohsen damadi

  • H LEE
  • UK
  • Good for couples too
    Date : 2006-09-27 00:33:27  
    Rating : Above average

    Can't believe the bad reviews. We were apprehensive at going but then spoke to a friends who had been there who really enjoyed themselves.

    We are a young couple who are on a budget and the great bar tenders were a god send! They got to know us and even our tipple and we didn't even have to ask for a top up. The Beer and wine weren't very nice but the cocktails were great! The bar tenders even did some bottle flipping entertainment for us and worked very very hard to make sure everyone was having a great time.

    Entertainment was mostly for kids (think chicken dance) The fire eater show was good though. The food was healthy and wholesome. They had chips and spagetti bog. for the fussy eaters every night. One night the food wasn't brilliant but we still didn't go hungry. Fresh fruit at the dessert buffet everynight as well as plenty of cooked veg and salad. They also had some kind of grilled meat every night. Lunch was the same just a bit less choice. English breakfast available every morning. Head waiter looked abrupt but that was just his look. He even joined some guests for drinks after work and tried really hard.

    The fellow guests reserving the sun beds were annoying and they could have more sunbeds but we still managed to find some by the beach which incidently was beautiful. If you go into Rhodes center, the bus stop was just opposite the main road and as we were one of the first to get on, always got a seat.

    The dogs were sweet and didn't trouble anyone who didn't give them any attention. Make sure you bring mozzie repellent for your room and a large beach towel to get your sunbed, find a cheap deal and you won't be dissapointed! All in all more positives then negatives.

  • taracarrie
  • basildon essex
  • i loved the island
    Date : 2006-08-18 14:36:09  
    Rating : Neutral / average

    we arrived at the doreta in the early hours and had read the reveiws beforehand so we were expecting the worst but were happy with our room. we were happy for the first week but after we got sick of the food even the smell as u were in the lift at dinner time put us off the food even more. the head waiter was rude i thought we called him the fat controller with his clipbouard. someone told me some other family had gone and sat at table and got there dinner and he made them pick up there dinner plates and be moved to right table. i saw a few accidents while i was there mainly on the bridge and the slope the goes to the outside gamesroom and a little boy cut his foot in the pool one of the lights had broken the glass smashed and as he was swimming his foot got cut and the hotel apperently werent taking responsibility for it last i heard .and people who had glasses next to there sunbed really started to annoy me i saw a man get out of pool and stand on one he was lucky he didnt get badley hurt but the people who had left it there said i dont know who left that there while they had 3 others next to there sunbeds.after the first week we had ants in our room on the 5th floor and they bite my little girl kept getting bites and wed got all the mozzys in our room then one morning i slept in her bed as i got in later than my partner and youngest and shed slept with her dad and the next morning when i woke i saw a trail of ants walking past my head on the bed and some were on my hand and wree biting and i got lumps like mozzy bites.the only good entertainment was kids disco for about 45 minutes all entertainment was done by the hotel entertainment team and was crap. the only outside entertainment i saw was greek nite they had traditional greek dancers in was ok first greek nite but they came back second week too. the pool i only saw get cleaned once in the 2 weeks i was there by the end of the second week was turning greenish in colour and under the red ledge was dark green my daughter said and if a child was to av drowned u wouldnt see them in the water i was watching some kids dive in and u could barley see them throught the murk.i was talking to lady and she had said she was in kids pool and her little girl picked up somthing out the water and was a bit of poo.i do think the staff work hard the cleaners are there long hours and the barstaff worked hard too. i loved the island we went to lindos by boat and done snorkelling that was good saw loads of fish but be carful of rocks and on the way back we saw three dolphins swimming alongside the boat and one jumped out the water that was amazing seeing the wild like that and we went to the water park at faliraki but i suggest u rent a car as we went by coach and only had about 3 hours there and as u can emagine the kids didnt want to go when it was time.the weather was great all holiday but i would av been happy if wed gone for ten days the other four days dragged abit.we eat out quite alot we loved mikeys and dundees but mikey was lovely man. i think thats it cant think of anything else to write hope this helps u sorry for the essay its just we only got back yesturday so its all fresh in my mind oh and there were lots of peeps in football strips and if anyone got the kids mini disco cd theres a few songs my daughter loved my addy is smeggi@msn.com if u could mail me id appreciate if someone could send em to me ty i would av got the disc but forgot thank you xxxx tara

  • ashleigh
  • uk
  • for kids
    Date : 2006-08-13 16:16:39  
    Rating : Excellent

    i am 12 years old and i have been to the doreta beach i thought it was brilliant the food was lovely and the rooms were nice and clean! the pool it spectaculia ant the sea too.The games rooms are great they have:tabel tennis,pool,snooker,pinball,car racing,air hockey and much more! and it even hase a childrens part of the bar were children can get surved! the shop hase every thing you need! and on th reps day off (wednesday) you could pop to the local pubs malibu,mombos and singing bar DUNDEES! the place is top tip GREAT!!!!! i would definately recomend it!!!!

  • Tracey Jude
  • sussex uk
  • you get what you pay for
    Date : 2006-04-23 14:23:46  
    Rating : Excellent

    I have been to the doretta two years running, I was worried because of the negative remarks i had heard, but it was great, my kids 6/11 loved it, food ok drinks ok, you get what you pay for cheap and cheerful, staff great fun, beach stoney, but free pedalos etc made it good im going again this year.

  • my name
  • Essex
  • excellent
    Date : 2006-04-11 04:13:13  
    Rating : Excellent

    apsalutly fantastic, had a lovely time, would love to come back, but gotta see the rest of greece first, but if i come back to rhodes then deffantly will stay again, apsaluty wonderful 10/10!!

  • Mrs Norma Ward
  • Nottinghamshire
  • evening entertainment
    Date : 2005-09-13 15:24:21  
    Rating : Above average

    We have just arrived back from our holiday at Doreta Beach Hotel and we had a lovely time. Though we found the evening entertainment for a 4* hotel was very lacking fo adults also the beach wasn't what i expected but the staff we found were friendly and the rooms were kept clean.

  • Nicola Speight
  • northamptonshire
  • doreta beach
    Date : 2005-07-20 13:27:26  
    Rating : Excellent

    Me and my family have been twice now to doreta beach hotel and have throughly enjoyed our stays both times we have been there.I would recommed it to everybody and we are hoping to go back there soon.I hope many other people enjoy this hotel and i would recommed a day trip out on a boat to lindos.

  • gilly allen
  • exeter
  • holiday at doreta beach hotel
    Date : 2005-05-03 21:13:10  
    Rating : Excellent

    my family and i stayed at Doreta beach on our first holday abroad with our children. We loved it,We returned to Rhodes for another holiday at a different resort which was lovely but not as good as Doreta beach. We are returning to Rhodes again this year to stay in Kiotari and cant wait to spend time on this magical island

  • A Travel to Rhodes User
  • Essex
  • it was the best
    Date : 2005-01-05 12:37:13  
    Rating : Excellent

    i just want to say who ever puts the hotel down has not lived i am 18 years old i went with my famliy in august and i made over 30 friends including my two sisters all diffrent ages we had the best time ever we enjoyed it so much i am taking my frineds with me again next year. the food was brillant the entertainment team were lovely the pool games were fun and of a late eveing me and my older mates went to mambo across the road a really nice nite club. the bar staff were brillant of an evening we sat on the beach went for walks around the hotel i loved it please go recommened to every one

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